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El interés del usuario y de Wikipedia en bitcoin aumentó en medio de los altos precios

The interest of Internet users in the first cryptocurrency increased in parallel with the growth of prices above $ 20,000, which is evidenced by the number of messages that mention bitcoin on Twitter and the traffic to the assets page in Wikipedia.

During the day, TIE services analysts have logged more than 92,000 messages related to digital gold, according to CoinDesk. The indicator reached the values ​​of January 2018, but is still below the maximum levels of 2017.

Analysts linked the increase in the number of messages about bitcoin both to the actions of active representatives of the cryptocurrency industry and to tweets from unique accounts. On Wednesday, December 16, some 50,000 Twitter users spoke about the asset.
According to ToolForge, the Bitcoin Wikipedia page received 16,088 visits on December 16. The absolute record for 2020 was set on December 17: 28,483 views.

Since January 1, an average of 7004 users have visited the Bitcoin page. Total views exceeded 2.46 million.
On December 17, Bitcoin came close to gold in terms of number of media mentions.
Recall that over the course of a day, from December 16 to December 17, bitcoin sequentially took the symbolic levels of $ 20,000, $ 21,000 and $ 22,000 and updated its all-time high, surpassing the $ 23,700 mark.