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Los socios de Guggenheim predijeron el crecimiento de bitcoin a $ 400,000

The price of bitcoin should rise to $ 400,000, Scott Minerd, chief investment officer at Guggenheim Partners, said on Bloomberg TV .

According to him, Guggenheim Partners analysts reached this conclusion based on two factors: the limited issuance of the first cryptocurrency and its value relative to gold.
"Bitcoin has many attributes of gold and at the same time has extraordinary value in terms of transactions," said a spokesman for the company.
He added that he was impressed by the rapid growth of the digital asset in a short time. However, Minerd called his purchase at a price above $ 20,000 "a little more problematic."
Guggenheim Partners manages assets worth $ 270 billion. In November, the company announced its intention to send part of the portfolio to the Grayscale bitcoin trust.
Recall that on the night of December 17, the price of the first cryptocurrency updated its all-time high at levels above $ 22,000.