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El precio de Bitcoin rompe el nivel de $ 23,000

On Thursday, December 17, the bitcoin rate renewed its all-time high, above $ 23,700 (Bitstamp).

During the day, the cryptocurrency sequentially took the iconic levels of $ 20,000, $ 21,000, and $ 22,000.
According to the Skew service , in the context of the rally, the daily trading volume of bitcoin options exceeded one billion dollars for the first time.

In the course of the subsequent correction against the background of a sharp rise in trading volumes, the price of bitcoin fell below $ 22,300.
Popular analyst Hasu believes that "in many ways we are in uncharted waters after the previous peak." Global investment companies like Guggenheim aren't going on TV with a $ 400,000 price target to sell bitcoin for $ 22,000, he said.
“From now on they pay you to sit. Go ahead and pick a new game or series, ”Hasu advised investors.